About Krush

Krush Models Inc. Florida Talent Agency License #922 has three divisions: Models, Talent, and Kids.

Krush Model division features Female and Male Glamour and Fashion Models. All Models are versed in print and commercial work.All are spokesmodels, and have experience with Tradeshows, Conventions, Product Demonstration, Nightclub Promotion, and many other customer service oriented promotions.

Krush Talent division is made up of adult male and female actors.  Krush Talent can be seen Hosting Infomercials, in Lifestyle Print Campaigns, and National Commercials.  This division is well rounded, booking real people, characters, 30 somethings and seniors.

Krush Kids division features children from infant to teen.  Our kids book as actors, singers, and models.  Our kid division has “real” kids with giant personalities that book commercials as “the kid next door”, perfect for lifestyle campaigns.


Sukaina Jaafar “Suki”, Owner/Agent

Suki is an established member of the Krush  team having started as the Head Booker for Krush TMK.  Then, in 2010, Suki spearheaded Krush Kids, the child acting/modeling division of Krush TMK.  Advancing again in 2014, Suki has become an Owner/Agent of Krush TMK, managing all aspects of client and talent relations.

Email  Suki@KrushTMK.com


Lisa Mazziotti, Head Booker

In 2011, Lisa Mazziotti created the Krush Extras Division.  Lisa has managed upwards of 1,000 talent and has booked countless television shows, commercials and movies.  In 2014 Lisa has expanded her booking to not only extras but principal roles and has taken on a Head Booker position with Krush TMK.

Email  Extras@KrushTMK.com